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A Gospel meeting involves a series of gatherings at which time the gospel is to be preached. Essential to such efforts is the presence and work of gospel preachers. Preaching was done by Jesus commanded of his apostles and other Christians Timothy was charged to “preach the word” (2 Tim4:1-4). So vital is the good news of the kingdom, that even the feet of those who bring it is “beautiful” (Rom10:15). He was ready to preach it at Rome (Rom1:15) and everywhere else a door of opportunity might open. He taught the gospel “publicly and from house to house “(Act20:20). “Gospel” may preached to both saint and sinner (Rom1:15-16).

Some gospel meetings conducted by BBM:

  1. Jebothottam (FR.S.J BERCHMANS) kalayarkoil,T.N
  2. Trinity fellow ship of India (REV.Moses Rajasheker) Chennai,T.N
  3. The lord’s army, tirpatur, T.N
  4. Kirubayan jebhavedu,villupuram, T.N
  5. Living god assembly ministry, china Salem, T.N
  6. Tamilnadu pastors fellow ship T.N
  7. Believers church Tumkur, K.N
  8. Bangalore jayanar.K.N
  9. Maharashtra, goshawk
  10. Mandya,
  11. Mysore

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